Stefanie Sun celebrates 5th wedding anniversary

The singer also cooked a meal to celebrate Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and this year, the day just so happens to coincide with Stefanie Sun’s fifth wedding anniversary with her husband, businessman Nadim Van Der Ros.

To commemorate the special day, Stefanie took to social media to post a picture of the happy couple, as well as a picture of her colouring intently and her son playing outside.

In her caption, the singer also mentioned that she had also made soup to celebrate the special day, with fans wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. Some fans praised her and said “A serious woman is the most beautiful” while another said that even if Stefanie was not a singer, she would still be the most beautiful wife and mother in the world.

The 37-year-old held her wedding ceremony in Singapore five years ago in 2011. The couple also have a 3-year-old son together.


Photos: PBE Media

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