Stefanie Sun takes the plunge for new music video

The singer had to overcome her fear of water during the filming of her upcoming music video

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Local singer Stefanie Sun recently released teaser images from the music video of her new track ‘I’m Very Happy’ from her upcoming album, Stefanie Sun’s 13th work: A Dancing Van Gogh. The shoot took place in Taiwan and required the singer to overcome her fear of water as she plunged into the sea while being trapped in a car.

Even before filming began, Stefanie was already very excited and “could not sleep the night before” as she was “very eager to go to work.”

However, it was not all fun and games on set as she had to let her fear of the sea go during one particular scene, which saw her suspended mid-air in a car before being lowered into the water while in her wedding dress. Although a stunt double took her spot after the car was completely submerged, Stefanie still had to be partially underwater for a long time which led to her developing a rash from the prolonged exposure to the seawater.

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The 39-year-old singer also added that because the shoot took place during the summer, she was under the hot sun of 39 degrees Celsius for almost two consecutive days. However, she still remained professional and chose to see the brighter side of things. 

 “At first, it just felt like water kept coming into the car non-stop but luckily the weather was very hot that day so it did not feel that bad. I also thought that it was the perfect day to go to the beach, just not trapped in a car and in a wedding dress,” Stefanie joked.

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She added that it was not her own scenes that she was most worried about, but rather, the stunt double’s underwater scene and her “heart could only relax” after he had come up to shore safely. Therefore, she insisted on doing most scenes by herself if possible, promising that she would push herself to fulfil the director’s every request.

Stefanie Sun

The music video for ‘I’m very Happy’ will be released on Nov 4 at 3pm while the album, Stefanie Sun’s 13th work: A Dancing Van Gogh, will be launched on Nov 9.

Photos: PBE Media

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