Stefanie Sun to stop work in preparation of baby’s arrival

The singer revealed that her second child is likely to be a Leo

Stefanie Sun to stop work in preparation of baby’s arrival

Stefanie Sun confirmed the good news that she was expecting her second child in January, and has been busy promoting her latest album, A Dancing Van Gogh, ever since.

Yesterday (March 7), she attended an event to promote a home support foundation, which was also her first public appearance in Taiwan after announcing her pregnancy. At the event, she shared that it will be her last scheduled activity for a while, as she will be halting work in favour of resting at home to prepare to welcome her baby.

When probed for more details on her baby, including the gender and expected delivery date, she shared that she will be keeping it a secret, and would only reveal that her bun in the oven will “most likely be a Leo”, which means that her expected delivery date is between July 22 and August 22.

Stefanie previously revealed that her husband has been treating her extra well since she got pregnant, and she chuckled that he has even started doing household chores and buying her food that she craves.

The 39-year-old has put on 3 kilogrammes so far and let on that she has been experiencing symptoms of morning sickness.

“I threw up thrice while I was on the way here, but I’m fine after I puke,” she said. “I didn’t have this problem with my first child, but perhaps my body isn’t in as good a condition as I was before. I’m feeling a lot better now!”

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