Stefanie Sun writes heartfelt blog post about son

Singer: ‘I type these little fears as time makes a man out of my boy’


Singaporean Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun, 37, has created a new blog and wrote a post about her son, now 3, on Wednesday.

The first-time mum got pensive blogging about her hopes for her child. “I type these little fears as time makes a man out of my boy,” she wrote. “As I noticed his baby fat slowly leaving his cheeks, I treasure every hug (even if I had to remind him), every giggle and every ‘Mama can you sleep with me?’ requests.”

“Son, wander and then wonder, and go for what energises you by its truth and beauty. And life might hurt you, it might even sometimes be painful or not funny, but keep your head up always because I'm your mama and I know you can. You might even see a funny side where I can't. ;)”

And just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday, the singer added a reminder for all her fans: “As for the rest of you, remember to call your mum.”

Photos: PBE Media

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