Stephen Fung sings praises of Shu Qi

The director: “My wife is very talented”


Hong Kong director Stephen Fung was bombarded with questions from the paparazzi regarding his plans to start a family with his wife, Shu Qi, when he attended an event on Wednesday (Feb 15). Unlike his wife, the actor-turned-director did not try to evade the questions and was more than happy to clear the air about his wife’s rumoured pregnancy.

The actress was reported to be pregnant after one of her crew members hypothesised that she stopped the habit of dyeing her hair black recently because she believed that chemicals from hair dyes are harmful for the foetus. Stephen shot down the rumours immediately and said: “How can you believe such rumours? I have way more white hair than her. We’ll make an announcement if we have good news.”

The 42 year-old director also clarified reports about a non-existent fight they allegedly had when the actress wrote: “There is a limit to [my] tolerance” on her Instagram.”

“My wife is very talented in the arts, she likes to post her thoughts online according to her mood, especially after reading a book. Let’s not be too sensitive about that,” he explained.

Stephen continued assure the media that he is on good terms with the 41 year-old actress and shared that they had a great Valentine’s Day lounging around at home, watching television and having meals together like any old couple.

When asked if they exchanged gifts on the special occasion, he replied, “We don’t need to do that anymore.

“She didn’t cook that day, but she’s actually a great cook.”

Stephen and Shu Qi tied the knot in a flash marriage last September and have made known their intentions to start a family soon.

Photos: PBE Media

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