‘The Legend of Ba Qing’ starring Fan Bingbing will not be reshot

The actress, who plays the female lead, was said to have invested NT$1.2 billion

Contrary to speculations, Chinese historical series The Legend of Ba Qing, which stars Chinese actors Gao Yunxiang, Fan Bingbing and Taiwanese actor Dylan Kuo, will not be undergoing a cast change, said reports.

The series, which was originally slated to air in China on April 19, was put on indefinite hiatus after male lead Yunxiang was arrested in Australia in March on allegations of sexual assault.

Bingbing, who plays the character Ba Qing, was said to have invested NT$1.2 billion (approximately S$53.8 million) as she had believed the show will do well.

Previous rumours claimed that Dylan would be taking over the lead role so the show could be aired at a later date. However, in a recent update from the production crew of the series, there was a “low chance” of that happening due to the difficulties in re-shooting the scenes which Yunxiang’s character, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, appeared in.

According to the crew, scenes with the emperor usually involved him giving commands to hundreds of extras, which makes it hard for the crew to gather all the actors for a reshoot. On top of that, a lot of work is involved in managing the makeup, lighting and setting when filming on such a grand scale, and the total cost was estimated to be RMB 500 million (approximately S$105 million).

Despite the huge losses, Bingbing reportedly gave up on the idea of a reshoot as she would have to redo a scene in which her character gets sexually assaulted by Qin Shi Huang.

According to media reports, the actress plans to focus on expanding her cosmetics business, and intends to invest in beauty products to recoup her losses. When approached by the media for clarification, Bingbing’s manager shot down the reports, saying the actress is currently busy working with Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang on her upcoming movie, Cell Phone 2.

As for updates on The Legend of Ba Qing’s working status, she said, “It probably wouldn’t be reshot. I’m not too certain.”

Photos: PBE Media

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