The perks of being married, according to Eliza Sam

Married life is so good that she doesn’t need a honeymoon


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Though Hong Kong TVB actress Eliza Sam has been blissfully married for two months, she still looks every inch a blushing bride during her recent visit to Singapore. Every so often, her mouth crinkled into a smile at the mention of her non-celebrity husband ‘Keung Keung’ (or Joshua) whom she dated for two years, giggling and gushing about the perks of being married.

You can’t blame the Canadian-born actress for being head over heels in love. The 32-year-old has been living along in Hong Kong for the past six years and spent her entire relationship living apart from Joshua as he was based in Vancouver, Canada.

Luckily for her, distance is no longer a factor in their relationship. He relocated to Hong Kong after their grand wedding in Fairmont Hotel Vancouver last December and now, in Eliza’s words, every day’s like a “honeymoon” for them.

That explains why the lovebirds have no plans to go on a honeymoon either because “we’re so happy just seeing each other every day!” Eliza raved in her interview with Toggle. “It feels like I have struck the lottery!”

Indeed. What’s the beautiful white beaches of Bora Bora or the sights and attractions of Athens when all you need is love.

Eliza and her husband on their wedding day (Photo: Eliza Sam/Facebook)
Eliza and her husband on their wedding day (Photo: Eliza Sam/Facebook)
Married life is a steep learning curve

While they enjoyed being with each other 24/7, like all newly-married couples, Eliza revealed that she and Joshua had to learn how to live together initially.

It was a “steep learning curve” and they would bicker over things like her tardiness (“I just don’t understand why he has to be early for everything!” she chuckled) and his snoring problem, which she only discovered after marriage.

“I couldn’t fall asleep beside a snoring person,” she jokingly lamented, much to the amusement of reporters present at an event promoting TVB drama series, Heart And Greed 3, which is currently in production and slated to air on StarHub.

Snores and flaws may bug her, but Eliza is determined to make her marriage work and she won’t have it any other way. “I found out so many things about myself that I didn’t know about since he moved in,” she sheepishly confessed, before later adding that she’s “making a conscious effort to not be too self-centered” too.

The couple intend to take things slow as they work on becoming better partners and are “in no hurry to start a family,” said Eliza. In fact, the chirpy actress wants to have as much couple time together to make up for all the years they spent apart during their long-distance relationship.

When they eventually do have kids, will Eliza follow in the footsteps of good friend and fellow actress Linda Chung who moved back to Vancouver after getting married and having a child?

“I totally understand why Linda is so family-oriented, she replied, skirting the question, “I wouldn’t be able to be away from my baby for too long if I were in her shoes too.”

But would she halt work completely to be a homemaker when she has children? “Well,” she said, breaking into a wide grin, “That depends if people still want to see me on TV then, right?”

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