Tia Lee spends two nights in Kai Ko’s home

The pair has maintained that they are “just good friends”

Tia Lee spends two nights in Kai Ko’s home

Dating rumours between Kai Ko and Tia Lee have been reignited after she was spotted spending two consecutive nights at his home. The pair was spotted on a late-night date last month but has maintained that they are “just good friends”.

Tia was also accused by netizens of getting hyaluronic acid injections in her temples for better relationship luck, an allegation that was fiercely denied by her management.

On October 5, Tia was spotted parking in front of Kai’s home at 1 am and was only spotted leaving at around 10 am donning a pair of sunglasses. She declined to speak to the media gathered outside and sped off in her car soon after exiting from his home.

The next day, she arrived at his abode past 11 pm but parked in the carpark instead of in front of his house. She stayed there until the morning of October 7, and left his home at around 10 am.

Kai left Taiwan on October 8 for the Busan International Film Festival and she is speculated to have wanted to spend time with him before his trip.

Tia’s manager is uncontactable as of press time and has not issued any comment about the recent sightings.

Photos: PBE Media

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