Tia Li meets up with Kai Ko and family for dinner

The two celebrities have long been rumoured to be in a relationship


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko celebrated his 26th birthday in advanced on June 18 this year, with some of his closest friends, including Chinese actor Jaycee Chan, the son of Chinese actor Jackie Chan on Saturday (June 17). During the celebration, he was seen in the company of two girls, one of whom was rumoured to be his new love interest. However, the reports were quickly denied by Kai and his agency.

The next day, the actor headed out for a dinner together with his parents and Taiwanese singer-actress Tia Li. The two celebrities have long been rumoured to be in a relationship, with Tia implicitly confirming that they were dating once. However, the couple later broke up briefly due to Kai’s close relationship with casino heiress Lucinda Ho.

Sunday’s sighting of Kai and Tia, together with the actor’s parents renewed the rumours that the lovebirds are back together, as they headed to a restaurant near the Ko family house for a meal, before adjoining to a bar nearby for drinks.

When asked if Kai and Tia were dating, Kai’s father would only reply that it was a comfortable family dinner and refused to comment further. As for Kai, he replied with a simple, “Thank you,” through his private Facebook account when asked about the reports.

Tia was rumoured to be Kai for two years, but the couple evaded questions about their relationship status, refusing to confirm or deny speculations.

Rumours about them dating reached their peak when the actor thanked Tia publicly for her unwavering support when he made a successful comeback to the silver screen after his drug scandal.

Photos: PBE Media

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