Tia Li never changed her attitude towards me: Kai Ko

Kai Ko speaks on his “friendship” with rumoured girlfriend Tia Li 

Tia Li never changed her attitude towards me: Kai Ko
A year after Kai Ko was arrested for drug offences, the Taiwanese actor shared that though he has been “unfriended” by many people on Chinese messaging app WeChat, Dream Girls member Tia Li is one of the few who has never changed her attitude towards him.

The two are rumoured to be in a romantic relationship after they were spotted hanging out together on several occasions.

“I seldom leave the house after I returned to Taiwan. When I wanted to catch up with a friend, I realised that I had to ‘add him as a friend’ before I could contact him again. I felt like ‘so we are not friends anymore’,” Kai let on. “If you treat me the same way before and after I got into trouble, then I think you are a really good friend.”

Tia Li never changed her attitude towards me: Kai Ko
When asked if he still keeps in touch with his partner-in-crime Jaycee Chan, the actor replied: “We both know what to do and how to work hard for our future. Actually, we are rather optimistic people.”

Following the drug case, Kai’s showbiz career has come to a standstill as endorsements and job opportunities were dropped. The Tiny Times star, who has also been blacklisted in the Chinese entertainment industry, has since resumed his role as a student.

During a recent interview, Kai admitted that it was tough to adapt to school life at first. “When people talked to me, I’d just nod my head and say ‘oh’. It was only six months later that we had more topics to chat about,” he added.

In his opinion, life as a student is much simpler as compared to being an actor. “There are so many problems that I have to face and solve in a working environment. School, to me, is basically a very peaceful and relaxing place,” explained the 24-year-old.

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