Tian Xin releases wedding news: “I am married!”

The actress announced her marriage on Facebook yesterday


Taiwanese actress Tian Xin, who used to think that marriage was “scary and selfish”, has tied the knot. The 41-year-old dropped a bomb and announced on her Facebook yesterday, “I, Tian Xin, am married!” which amused fans, who thought that she was kidding.

The flash marriage was hard to believe because Tian Xin had only recently broken up with her boyfriend of two years, Sean, in May and there was no news regarding her love life after that.

However, the actress’ manager soon divulged that the mystery groom is 45-year-old Korean photographer Kim Yeong Min, and the couple met on a film set last year in China. They went steady in June this year and registered their marriage in secret after four short months of dating.

After news of Tian Xin’s marriage was confirmed, fans and fellow celebrity friends flurried to send the newlyweds well wishes and congratulations on her post. Her rumoured ex-boyfriend Weber Yang also commented, “Congratulations, wishing you happiness!”

Close friend Cheryl Yang and co-star of drama A Touch of Green also shared the wedding announcement on her own wall and wrote, “You told me you didn’t believe in marriage when we were on set last year, and I was worried. I wish you two happiness, support and love for each other until old age. Lastly, you’ll always be mine!”

In response to the congratulatory posts, Tian Xin wrote on her Facebook, “Thank you, my precious, for all the well wishes. Thank you, Mr Kim Yeong Min for your bravery, thoughtfulness, gentleness and for prioritising my mother and I with every decision you make. I will be happy, let’s all be happy together”.

The actress has not revealed any details of a wedding ceremony, but it was said that the newlyweds are currently living together at Tian Xin’s house as Yeong Min was spotted lugging suitcases to her house last night, seemingly moving in.

Photos: PBE Media

Tian Xin loves Singapore and hopes to be able to come and work here!

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