Tony Sun, Angel Han divorce may be due to financial troubles

‘There’s still a chance they might be husband and wife again in future,’ Tony’s godfather says

Tony Sun, Angel Han divorce may be due to financial troubles


Though Taiwanese actors Tony Sun and Angel Han have not offered any explanation for the sudden end of their four-year marriage, their divorce may have been due to financial troubles, Taiwanese media reports.

FDS Entertainment, the artiste management company Tony founded, is reportedly in the red, and Tony is said to have borrowed money from friends and family before his marriage ended to pay off debts of about NT$1 million (approximately S$42,000). To avoid implicating Angel, he arranged for a divorce.

But Tony’s former manager Sun De-rong said he hadn’t heard about FDS Entertainment’s financial status, though he explained the news might not have reached him. Tony’s current assistant also denied the actor had borrowed money, but said Tony still loved Angel.

Angel’s manager said the actress and Tony disagreed on how to manage the company.

De-rong said he had lost contact with Tony after the divorce was announced, but finally received a text message from the latter early Wednesday morning that read: “Thank you, dad! I’m fine, I just need some time to calm down. I’ve been upset for a long time, but work goes on, that’s all there is to it!”

Tony’s godfather, actor and entertainer Peng Chia-Chia, said on Wednesday: “There’s still a chance my godson and Angel might be husband and wife again in future.”

“They are a good match and shouldn’t have parted, but after going through so much, if they still feel they are suited for each other, they should be together.”

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