Tony Sun behaves “overly friendly” with female guest stars

Tony Sun explains why he gets chatty and friendly with female guests on his new variety show

The hosts of brand new Taiwanese variety series 'Smart'.

Is Tony Sun on the lookout for a new love interest? His co-hosts of a brand new variety hosts seem to think so.

11 years after their last hosting collaboration, Tony, will be joining forces with fellow 5566 member Zax Wang and his wife, Ji Qin, and former Taiwanese actress-host Winnie Ho to helm a brand new variety programme called ‘Smart’.

When the quartet guested on Lady Commander to promote their brand new TV series recently, they shared stories about working with one another in the past.

Tony, in particular, recalled how Winnie became extra friendly towards him after she got married, during their hosting days on Shao Nian Bing Tuan. He later realised that Winnie’s friendly behaviour was because she wanted her husband to be on his toes as she had told him Tony used to like her and was one of her suitors before marriage.

Zax Wang's wife Ji Qin and Tony Sun.

After his exposé about Winnie’s ‘strange’ behaviour, Tony was not spared either. Zax’s wife proceeded to reveal that Tony used to be a gentleman in the past, but he is now so engrossed in chatting up girls in the studio that he doesn't pay attention to the producer’s instructions directed at him.

Ji Qin added that Tony can’t keep his mouth shut whenever they have “cute” female guests who are still single on set.

The 40-year-old, who had divorced his wife Angel Han three years ago, jokingly explained that he behaved in this manner because he felt “very lonely.”

Tony added that fellow bandmate Zax had once asked him if he felt the urge to jump into a relationship, to which he replied, “I’m in a hurry, but it’s not that urgent.”

Photos: PBE Media

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