Tony Sun thanks his 5566 members

The leader posted a number of group pictures from their reunion online


Taiwanese boyband 5566 staged their long-awaited reunion performance at the Golden Bell awards last weekend, to the delight of fans who have waited eight years for a proper comeback.

While the group had come under fire for their off-key performance, the members remained upbeat and optimistic when addressing the criticisms, with leader Tony taking to his Facebook to thank his fellow members, even posting a number of group pictures to accompany his post.

The 38-year-old expressed that he had felt both excited and touched on the day of their performance, and that the chemistry between the five members was as good as ever.

He also promised that the group will definitely stage an impressive comeback soon, before writing, “My brothers, it’s so good to have you guys [by my side]!”





Photos: PBE Media

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