Vanness Wu denies F4 reunion on Chinese New Year gala

The Taiwanese singer expresses his wish to perform with his former band again


According to Chinese media reports, insiders revealed that Taiwanese boyband F4 will perform together again on CCTV’s New Year’s Gala, an annual program by the Chinese TV station to usher in the New Year.

On February 6, former F4 band member Vanness Wu attended the press conference for Kenting’s Spring Wave Music and Art Festival.

When asked about F4’s rumoured reunion on the Chinese New Year program, the 39-year-old singer laughed and said he “did not know” about it, but will look forward to it if it happens.

He shared that it has been more than a year since all four members were gathered together, but everyone still keeps in contact and they even have a personal group chat.

Vanness also shared his wish to reunite as F4 again, and revealed that he and former bandmate Jerry Yan once discussed plans of releasing new music together.


The singer expressed, “I look forward to sharing the stage again, but I’m not sure if people still want to see us singing as four?”

Responding to news about Jerry’s rumoured proposal to rumoured girlfriend actress Lin Chi-ling, Vanness shared that he was not surprised, and would not be taken aback should Jerry decide to tie the knot suddenly.

“Like what I said before, I’m happy as long as he is,” the singer said.

He added that he does not know the details of Jerry’s rumoured reconciliation with Chi-ling, because he is not someone who gossips with his male friends.

“He has an adorable personality, and is a very stable person, so I won’t be surprised at anything he does,” the singer shared.

In the relationship department, Vanness was rumoured on several occasions to be facing problems with his Singaporean wife Arissa Cheo. When asked if he will be returning to America with his wife for the New Year, the singer shared that they will need to consider their individual schedules.

Photos: PBE Media

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