Vanness Wu is on “very good” terms with wife

The pair have been plagued by divorce rumours for years


Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu is notoriously tightlipped when it comes to matters regarding his marriage with his Singaporean wife, Arissa Cheo, especially after their public spat on social media in 2015. The pair have been dogged by divorce rumours ever since then - although neither party have confirmed this in their interviews with the media.  

Unlike his usual evasive stance towards questions about his marriage, Vanness surprised the media when he assured them that his relationship with his wife was “very good” at an event on Valentine’s Day. He also thanked fans for their concern.

When asked if he would be buying his Arissa a gift for Valentine’s Day, he answered without hesitation, “Yes, I definitely will”, before attempting to shift the limelight away from his personal life by suggesting a change of topic.

The 38 year-old F4 member was said to have patched things up with Arissa and the couple, who are said to be on good terms now, managed to tide through the series of allegations of their rocky marriage during the past two years.

Photos: PBE Media

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