Vivian Hsu gives birth to baby boy in Singapore

The Taiwanese singer delivered the baby via caesarean section on Aug 13 

Two days after Vivian Hsu safely arrived at the 32nd week of her pregnancy
, the 40-year-old has given birth to her son via caesarean section at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on Aug 13.

According to Apple Daily, the baby boy weighs 2kg at birth and has been named Dalton Lee (nicknamed “Lee V baby”). In a photo provided by Vivian, the first-time mother’s eyes brimmed with tears of joy as she cradled the newborn in her arms.

Due to her age, the singer-actress went through great lengths, including staying in bed for over 140 days and taking 300 injections, to keep the baby healthy during her pregnancy. Finally welcoming her child into the world, Vivian felt that all the pain was worth it.

It is also reported that Vivian’s husband Sean Lee accompanied her throughout the delivery process. Vivian is currently recuperating at home while many netizens have flocked to her social media accounts to express their congratulations and well wishes. 


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