Vivian Hsu piles Taiwan schedule with work

The actress shot four different commercials during her recent trip to Taiwan and appeared tired from her packed work schedule

Vivian hsu

Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu appeared fatigued and overworked after shooting four commercials during her recent visit back to Taiwan. She was said to have taken on more jobs so as to help out with her Singaporean businessmen husband, Sean Lee’s rumoured financial problems.

Sean’s logistics company, Marco Polo Marine, was rumoured to have been lacking funds of up NTD$5.5billion (approximately S$240 million) in May and was said to even be on the verge of bankruptcy. The company was said to have been affected by the then oil price slump and an ongoing legal case with Sembcorp Marine.

As such, Vivian has had to increase her workload to make up for the lack of financial income, and would therefore make monthly trips back to Taiwan for about one week to film or record music, and then return back to Singapore to be with her family. It was said that her hectic schedule, along with her recent filming of four commercials, had left her very tired and worn-out.

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The actress was witnessed heading to Taipei in a car last Saturday and was noticed to have kept a straight face and did not smile as her friends and driver unloaded her stuff onto the car.

However, Vivian’s manager has expressed that she is very dedicated to her work and would often take time off to write new songs even if she was busy with her family. The singer herself has also shared that she hoped her songs would be “released next year” so as to allow her to plan her next concert.

It looks like Vivian no longer needs to fret over her husband’s financial troubles as Sean had recently found nine business investors who have pooled together S$60 million to help alleviate the Marco Polo Marine’s debt, after eight months of meetings. These investors hail from companies such as Super Group, Vibrant Group and Penguin International, to name a few.

Vivian married Sean in 2014 and began looking after his two daughters from his previous marriage ever since. She then welcomed her son Dalton the following year.

Photos: PBE Media

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