Wang Leehom’s new teaser photo branded as a “horror poster”

Many felt that the image did not do justice to the actual song


Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom recently released a teaser image for his upcoming track ‘Dearest’ on his new album A.I. Love. However, many have criticised it for looking like an “advertisement for a Thai horror movie.”

Leehom posted the photo on Facebook on Monday (Oct 9) with the caption “Episode 2 coming soon!” to promote his upcoming track that would drop tomorrow (Oct 13). The picture saw him lying down topless and hugging a baby with a small smile on his face. Many felt that his pose, together with the dim lighting, looked very ‘creepy’.

‘Dearest’ was initially supposed to be a lullaby for the singer’s two daughters with the lyrics talking about his feelings as a father. His intention was for other fathers to use this song as a way to show their love to their children.

However, many have said that the poster completely missed the point of a father’s love and did not depict its meaning accurately.

On the other hand, fans who backed the singer up said that the song was very good. They also felt that the the picture simply portrayed a happy father and his child, and urged the rest not to read too much into it.

The music video for ‘Dearest’ is set to be released on Oct 20.  It would show Leehom going through his life from young, capturing all the important moments such as him getting married, and the birth of his daughters, up till his old age.

A.I. Love is split into four mini albums which would have at least two brand new songs. He had previously released ‘A.I Love’ and ‘World Without Tears’ as part of Episode 1. Episode 2 would encompass ‘Dearest’ and ‘Silent Feelings’. The full-length album of A.I. Love will only be available for sale after the four mini albums are released.

He also revealed that his eldest daughter, 3-year-old Jiali, would be harmonising in ‘Silent Feelings.’ He said that she had unintentionally sang a tune during one of his recording sessions which he felt suit the melody and emotions of the song very well and therefore, recorded it for future use.    

Photo: PBE Media

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