Wang Leehom’s wife criticised for her work

The singer’s new song, which was produced by his wife Lee Jinglei, failed to appeal to fans

Wang Leehom

Ever since Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom and his wife, Lee Jinglei, wed in 2013, she has been in charge of his work-related issues. She recently produced his new song, ‘A.I Love’, that was released just last month, but not only was it a flop among his fans, Jinglei’s work has also been questioned.

Fans were initially very excited about the release of the new track as this was Lee Hom’s first song after a two year hiatus. However, they were left disappointed as they claimed its style was very unappealing and that the lyrics were too repetitive and shallow.

Many fans have taken their disappointment to social media and left negative comments on both Leehom’s and his work studio’s Weibo accounts. These comments were noticed to have been quickly deleted after, with even some accounts getting reported, outraging the fans even further.

Many noted that the singer had never been one to delete comments before his marriage and was always willing to listen to feedback by fans, and sometimes even interacting with them. However, it was after he got married that his team began to remove negative comments, blacklist people and even blocked the option to send him personal messages.

Some felt that Jinglei was to blame for this change and accused her of not contributing much after becoming involved in her husband’s work, and urged her to return to her job of caring for their two children.

One angry user noted that “his account had been reported by Leehom’s work studio and was subsequently deleted, under the grounds of ‘personal attack’”. He then mocked Jinglei for having so much ‘power’ over Leehom and his team.

The singer has currently not responded to the situation. Attempts to contact his agent for clarification were previously made, but the calls were always left unanswered.

Photo: PBE Media

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