Wilber Pan hospitalised for undisclosed reasons

The question of whether his schedule was too stressful was raised after it was revealed his health has suffered

Wilber Pan

Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan raised concerns after posting a picture of an IV drip on his Instagram yesterday, captioned “I have been here for the past few days.”

As a frequent user of Instagram, Wilber surprised many when there were no new posts since Sep 29, which is almost a week. He only uploaded a new photo five days after and shocked his fans by revealing that he had been in the hospital receiving treatment.

Although he did not elaborate on the reason for his hospitalisation, many were quick to send their well-wishes to the singer. They also speculated that it was his recent hectic schedule along with stress that had caused him to fall ill.

The 37-year-old has been caught up with many events lately, having to travel to several cities for the promotion of his new album, illi. He had also come under fire after one of his tracks was suspected of plagiarising a Korean group, but the matter has since been resolved.

Wilber has not made any further comments or shared more on his condition at press time.

Photo: PBE Media

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