Wilfred Lau denies break up with Joey Yung

The Hong Kong celebrity power couple first got together in 2012

Hong Kong singers Wilfred Lau and Joey Yung went public with their relationship in 2012, and have been asked by the media several times since the reveal on their plans to tie the knot.

While the 38-year-old songstress previously shared in an interview that she will consider marriage to Wilfred after she turned 40, rumours of their break up started to circulate when the pair appeared to be busy with their own lives.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Wilfred turned up in Tainan, Taiwan on March 9 for concert promotions, and denied the break up rumours then, explaining that they were simply preoccupied with their respective work.

In preparation for his upcoming concert set to take place on April 27, Wilfred has been diligently working out and keeping fit, often sharing clips of his fitness journey on Instagram. He reportedly lost about 10 kilogrammes over this past month, and has his sights set on losing another 3.5 kilogrammes.

At the same time, Joey has been busy with work commitments in England, Australia and China, as shared on her Instagram, resulting in the two being unable to spend time together.

When asked by the media if he will get Joey’s help with his dance practices, Wilfred shared that his choreographer will be able to understand his dance capabilities better.

He also did not give a direct answer when asked if Joey will be there to support his concert, instead stating that all his friends will be there to show their support.

Photos: PBE Media

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