Will Hannah Quinlivan have 3 kids before turning 25?

A fortune teller predicts the likelihood of it happening


If Taiwanese fortune teller Jiang Bai Le's words are anything to go by, Hannah Quinlivan, who is 23 years old, is not too far from achieving her personal goal of having three children before the age of 25.

After working very hard for baby number two, Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou’s efforts were finally rewarded as Hannah is currently pregnant with a baby boy. The couple shared the good news via Facebook on Valentine’s Day with the caption, “Mummy’s lover from her past life has arrived! Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day”.

It’s no secret that the pair had been trying for baby number two since the birth of their daughter, Hathaway. However, the actress’ second pregnancy came as a surprise to some of their fans as she was said to be receiving treatment for her ovary disorder in November and postponed plans to have a second child.

It was said that Hannah’s health improved after regularly seeking treatment at a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic and consuming a certain type of “very bitter” medicine. Even Jay himself was not spared from drinking the unpalatable medicine but being a model-husband, he said, “I had to drink it with her, no matter how bitter it was”.

In May last year, the young mother expressed her hopes to have three children on the talk show Small Swallow Xiaoyan Night. Jay and Hannah tied the knot in England in 2015 and Hannah gave birth to Hathaway in the same year.

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