Wu Chun almost became the Prince of Brunei

The singer disclosed that the royal family had previously offered to “adopt” him

Wu-Chun (1)

The background of Bruneian actor-singer Wu Chun was recently brought to light where he disclosed his close relationships to the royal family in Brunei. It was no secret that the actor came from a privileged and wealthy family with important connections, however what shocked many the most was the revelation of him almost becoming the Prince of Brunei.

Wu Chun, who had previously been dubbed the ‘Prince of Brunei’, said that this nickname did not come to him by accident and revealed that there was some truth to it. He said that he would indeed have become the Prince if he had accepted the King’s sister’s offer of ‘buying’ him off from his father then.

During an interview on an episode of the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?, he revealed that the royal family adopted many children in the past and felt very fortunate that “his father had not agreed to the deal.” The 38-year-old actor said that even after all this time, he had no regrets and stated that he would rather be with his birth family than to be rich and alone.

Wu Chun also reaffirmed his love and protectiveness over his own family as he immediately said that he would “fight to his death for them” if anyone ever tried to take them away from him.

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The ‘Fahrenheit’ member also revealed that he deferred his plans to study in Australia and decided to return home after studying there for only a month as he could not bear to be away from his high school sweetheart and now-wife, Lin Liying for too long.

Wu Chun and Liying wed in 2009 and welcomed their daughter, Nei Nei (Wu Xinyi) in 2011 and their son, Max, in 2013. The three of them are currently appearing in the latest season of Where Are We Going, Dad? which also features Will Liu and his daughter, along with Jordan Chan and his son.

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