Wu Chun, Jordan Chan’s wives appear on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’

The cast members’ wives joined them for a special episode of a cooking session

Wu Chun

Former Fahrenheit singer Wu Chun’s wife Lin Liying delighted viewers by making a guest appearance on his reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad? as she often keeps a low-profile and is hardly seen in public.

The reality show, which features five fathers and their children, presented them with a surprise when it was announced that their wives were all going to be present in the next episode. Viewers were also very excited for this segment and could not wait for the episode to air as it meant that they could get a glimpse of the interactions between the different couples.

Wu Chun's wife agreed to be featured so as not to disappoint her two children, 6-year-old Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) and 4-year-old Max. Even though she had a mask on almost the whole time, viewers could still partially make out her face and her kind personality made viewers conclude that she was beautiful both inside and out.

Wu Chun1

Even at the start, Liying was already very friendly with the other wives, making an effort to interact with them. She also displayed excellent teamwork with her family during their cooking session where she was the main chef while Wu Chun was in charge of washing the vegetables, leaving Max and Nei Nei to prepare breakfast.

Wu Chun

The couple also awed the crowd when they revealed a detail about their love story which was that “Liying had already begun cooking for Wu Chun when he was studying overseas in Australia.”

Another celebrity couple that caught viewers’ attention was Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan and his actress wife, Cherrie Ying.

Jordan Chan1

Jordan mentioned that he used to have a bad temper when he was younger but that has since been under control ever since he met Cherrie. Viewers were also surprised at the role reversal during their team cooking, where it was Cherrie who was doing the shouting while Jordan merely looked on and followed her instructions.

He was also very helpful and thoughtful when he assisted Cherrie in her demonstration of how to use a single straw to squeeze out lemon juice. He then considerately stepped back and proudly let his wife be the centre of attention as it was her idea after all.

When asked by the host to describe Jordan using a dish, Cherrie gave the audience a laugh by choosing a “steamed egg,” saying that it was delicious and well-liked by everyone even though it looked plain.

jordan chan 3

The actress also touched the hearts of many after praising Jordan for working so hard and yet making time and effort to go on this programme just so he could spend more time to accompany their 4-year-old son Jasper.

Where Are We going, Dad? also features Du Jiang and his son, as well as Will Liu and his daughter.

Photos: PBE Media

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