Wu Chun’s wife makes rare public appearance

The actor’s wife had always been very protective over her identity, even on television

Wu Chun

Brunei-born singer-actor Wu Chun was recently spotted out in public with his wife and two children. This was one of the few times that his wife, Lin Liying, could be seen as she rarely made public appearances. She also did not appear on Wu Chun’s social media often as he was always very protective over his family and refrained from placing her in the public eye.

The actor and Liying were spotted taking their two children, 6-year-old Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) and 4-year-old Max back to their hotel two days ago (Oct 23). The family kept a low-profile, with Wu Chun displaying his fatherly side as he held Nei Nei’s hand in a casual getup of t-shirt and jeans, along with a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Liying was then spotted trailing behind him, not wanting to draw attention to herself as she kept on a face mask to conceal her identity. Many commented that she looked very slim and beautiful with her long black hair, and said that she was a good mother to Max as she kept his head down the whole time while carrying him, to prevent him from receiving any unnecessary attention.

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Liying is known for avoiding the public eye and would often turn her back to the camera during her appearances on Wu Chun’s show Where Are We Going Dad? On an episode which allowed the cast to call their loved ones, Wu Chun also did not choose to video call Liying unlike his other cast members.

Wu Chun is currently appearing on the fifth season of Where Are We Going, Dad? alongside Nei Nei and Max.

Photos: PBE Media

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