Wu Chun shares a picture of his children

The Brunei-born actor revealed a picture of his 1-year-old son for the first time on Father’s Day

Wu Chun shares a picture of his children
In commemoration of Father’s Day, Wu Chun, a former member of idol group Fahrenheit, posted a photo of him hugging his daughter Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) and son Max on Weibo.

This is the first time Wu Chun is revealing his younger son’s face and Max was seen wearing the same red jersey like his sister and father in the photo.

Although his face was not fully exposed as he was wearing a pair of sunglasses, fans were overjoyed to see the endearing photo of Wu Chun and his two kids. Many netizens even sang praises of Max’s irresistible charm and cuteness.

Wu Chun’s 3-year-old daughter Nei Nei drew a picture as a Father’s Day present for him, and wrote: “I love you! Happy Father’s Day”.

The 35-year-old father first shocked the public in 2013 when he announced that he was already a father to one in his personal biography. At the press conference for his new book, he revealed that he married his high school sweetheart in 2009 and that they are currently expecting a second child.

Wu Chun shares a picture of his children

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