Yao Yuanhao asks Cyndi Wang to take legal action over leaked photos

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao lodges police report after being accused of leaking a photo of Cyndi Wang in her underwear

Yao Yuanhao asks Cyndi Wang to take legal action over leaked photos

Photos of Taiwanese actress Cyndi Wang wearing only a white slip and pink boy shorts were leaked last month and ex-boyfriend Yao Yuanhao was immediately seen as the culprit at that time. The actor confirmed that the photos were taken by him but maintained that he did not leak it nor had any intention of doing so.

Yuanhao also reaffirmed that the picture was taken when they were dating and he only took it because he thought she looked cute. His clarification drew criticisms and disbelief from the public, prompting him to go on a rant on Facebook yesterday claiming that he did not wish to suffer in silence anymore and attempted to tell his side of the story about the whole situation.

The post also talked about how he could not bear to see the people around him worry about this matter anymore. Two years ago when the picture first circulated on Instagram, Yuanhao wrote that he and Cyndi, together with her two managers and assistant were all seeking to find the culprit together at Cyndi’s house. He also revealed that her agency did indeed find an IP address situated in locally China but did not mention about any follow up actions taken. The pictures only recently made their way to Facebook in July this year.

He also mentioned his disappointment when he found out that Cyndi’s agency still labelled him as the guilty party and asserted that the picture was taken while they were still very much in love with each other. He implored Cyndi to “take legal action” against the individual who posted the picture on social media so as to prove his innocence too.

“Friends who are concerned about us really want to know who is the perpetrator responsible for this. The truth will come to light when the culprit is found,” he added.

According to Taiwanese reports, Yuanhao lodged a police report on Tuesday following allegations made against him, hoping that would justify his innocence.

After Yuanhao published his post, Cyndi’s assistant fought back and blasted the actor for having “memory issues.” Her assistant clarified that her managers were not present in their discussion and denied that the IP address was found two years ago.

Cyndi declined to comment on the matter. Yuanhao has made a statement previously that he had changed his phone and lost all data so how the photos got leaked still remains a mystery.

Cyndi and Yuanhao called it quits in February this year and both parties have appeared to have moved on for good ever since.

Photos: PBE Media

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