Yoga Lin, Kiki Ting “living together” to prepare for marriage

Taiwan singer recently released from military service, thankful for girlfriend’s dedication


Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin revealed he and actress-model Kiki Ting are living together and working towards getting married during an interview on August 26, Taiwan media reports.

When pressed on whether the couple were cohabiting, Yoga said that ‘cohabiting was too strong a word, but they are living together and he drives her to work every day.

On marriage, he said he has discussed it with Kiki, who he feels won’t accept having children before marriage, so the pair will take things one step at a time

Yoga said he was the one who pursued the 30-year-old Kiki, adding, “I like that she doesn’t chase fame and celebrity, and that her dream is to run a cafe. I’m grateful to her for staying with me through trying times and my military service. She’s definitely no ‘third party’ and I’m thankful for the sacrifices she’s made for me.”

Yoga was seeing Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang when Kiki was rumoured to have come between them.

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