Zhang Ziyi believed to be six months pregnant

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Belly: The actress is likely to be due end of the year, though neither she nor beau Wang Feng has responded to the speculation

Zhang Ziyi

According to Chinese media, netizens have revealed that Zhang Ziyi is six months pregnant, with celebrity insiders confirming this piece of news.

As a producer for the new sci-fi comedy The Baby From Universe, Ziyi made an appearance at the movie’s press conference yesterday as a pregnant woman, to match the film’s theme. However, after she took off her fake pregnant belly prop, a slight bulge was still discernible, based on media reports.

The actress is not committing to new projects at the moment, fueling speculations about her pregnancy, and she has reportedly cancelled many media appearances, including one to promote her movie Crying Out Love in the Centre of the World, fronted by director Zhang Yibai and co-starring Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng.

Those in the know say the Chinese actress is in her second trimester and due at the end of this year. Recent photos of Ziyi attending events seemingly chubbier than before and with her hands on her abdomen seem to confirm suspicions that she’s pregnant too.

Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi in February

Shortly after their engagement this February rumours abounded of a baby on the way for Ziyi and Wang Feng, but were quashed in March when the actress appeared in Narita Airport with a trim waist.

According to other media, Wang Feng initially intended to announce the baby news publicly during his Shanghai concert on July 11 but due to typhoons and bad weather, the concert was postponed to September 26.

Ziyi and Wang Feng have yet to respond to news of her pregnancy.

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