Zhang Ziyi planning for American anchor baby?

Actress skips Huang Xiaoming’s wedding, and is said to be going to Los Angeles for delivery in December

Zhang Ziyi, BIGBANG 1

A photo Zhang Ziyi posted on Weibo yesterday of her with South Korean boyband BIGBANG has got people talking yet again about whether the Chinese actress is pregnant, Hong Kong media reports.

In the photo, Ziyi wears a dark, loose-fitting dress, and some netizens have suspected the photo was doctored because nothing could be discerned from her abdomen area, sparking pregnancy rumours once again.

“Come claim your husbands here, bangbangbang!” she wrote in her Weibo post. She reportedly attended the BIGBANG concert in Las Vegas and met the boys backstage, and even had dinner with T.O.P.

Zhang Ziyi, BIGBANG 2

An inside source said the actress is indeed pregnant and is seven months along, and plans to head to Los Angeles in December to deliver the baby.

Ziyi was invited to Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s “wedding of the century,” held today in Shanghai, but is said to be skipping the event to avoid appearing in public with a large belly.

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