49-year-old Maggie Shiu falls out of love again

The veteran actress is rumoured to have broken up with her boyfriend as he cheated on her

49-year-old Maggie Shiu falls out of love again
Hong Kong veteran actress Maggie Shiu recently announced her breakup with Chinese actor Vincent Sze.

The couple had dated for 6 years after co-starring in a show in 2008. This was also Maggie’s first and only publicly known relationship after she parted ways with ex-boyfriend Ekin Cheng in 1999, when he was found to be two-timing her and Gigi Leung.

Vincent, who is 9 years younger than Maggie, developed his relationship with her quickly. The two even co-habited at Maggie’s apartment and was even rumoured to have married in secret and went on a honeymoon in Japan. However, both parties denied the speculations.

Maggie, frequently engaged in many Chinese dramas, was said to have helped her lover in his lackluster career by securing him multiple casting opportunities.

Due to Maggie’s tight schedule, the couple could hardly meet up. This led to speculations that Vincent had fallen in love with Cantopop singer Janice Vidal, but the 40-year-old was said to have clarified with Maggie that he sees Janice as his ‘little sister’.

Sources recently revealed that the couple fought over the speculations of Vincent’s betrayal and he has since moved out of Maggie’s apartment and returned to Paris.

The couple took to their Weibo accounts to clarify their relationship, acknowledging that they have broken up. However, both parties emphasised it was not due to a third party or financial issues.

“When it comes to relationships, we believe in fate. We have broken up for personal reasons and not because of a third party or money. Hence we hope you would not speculate any further. We are always friends and we give each other our deepest blessings,” the post stated.

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