A-Do and wife welcome baby boy

The singer’s son, ‘Little Dudu’ was born on May 19


Less than three months after announcing his wife’s pregnancy, Singapore singer A-do and his 41-year-old wife have welcomed their first child, a baby boy they nicknamed ‘Little Dudu’.

Weighing 2.7 kilograms, ‘Little Dudu’, who was expected to arrive end May, decided to make his debut last Thursday (May 19). The couple has yet to decide on their son’s name, but both mother and child seem to be in the pink of health.

On Sunday night, A-do, whose real name is Du Chengyi posted a picture of him carrying his newborn son on Weibo, sharing with his fans his joy at becoming a father. The pictures, which showed his son with his eyes shut, was accompanied with the caption, “Hello! I am ‘Little Dudu’.”


According to Taiwan media, A-do was by his wife’s side in the delivery ward, holding her hand throughout the 10-hour labour, and had teared when his son was born, though he later denied that fact, in an attempt to keep up appearances.

The new dad has been staying at the hospital to take care of his wife and son, only returning home yesterday afternoon for a shower, before rushing back to the hospital. His manager also revealed that A-do will help to shower the baby and change his diapers, even though the singer is not very knowledgeable about baby care. A-do will also be hiring a confinement nanny to help take care of his wife and child when they are discharged from the hospital, and will be halting all his work commitments for a month or so. 


Though the 43-year-old singer looks to be embracing fatherhood, he revealed that he currently has no plans for a second child after seeing his wife suffer during pregnancy. The 41-year-old reportedly suffered from severe morning sickness, to water retention and soreness, and A-do, who couldn’t bear to see his wife in such pain, flew back to Singapore whenever he could to be with his wife. The singer also took care of all the family matters, to ease his wife’s burden.

Photos: PBE Media

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