A-Do marries long-time girlfriend

Singaporean singer ties the knot at 42


After he announced last October he planned to get married in 2016, the Singaporean singer A-Do, 42, made good on his promise when he confirmed on Weibo today that he had wed his girlfriend.

“This day has finally arrived. I got married,” he wrote next to a photo of a wedding ring. “I’m grateful for her support, sacrifice and acceptance through all these years, and thank you all for your well-wishes.”

A-Do, whose real name is Do Cheng Yi, has been together with his now-wife even before he entered the entertainment business at 22.

Mrs Do is reportedly in the real estate business, and the couple parted and got back together many times over the past two decades.

A-Do has registered his marriage but not held his wedding banquet yet.

The singer is friends with Taiwanese entertainer Nono Chen, whose daughter is A-Do’s goddaughter. Nono’s wife, singer Angel Chu, called A-Do’s wife to congratulate her, and the former said, “I hope they hold their banquet soon. They can do that in Singapore and we’ll volunteer our daughter as a flower girl.”

A-Do has been living in Singapore for the past two years, and he has branched out into business lately.

A-Do plans to marry, have kids next year  

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