A-Do to hold wedding banquets in Singapore, Taiwan

Singer’s wife named ‘most popular secret girlfriend of a singer’


Singaporean Mandopop singer A-Do, 42, said he will hold wedding banquets in Singapore and Taiwan, after receiving a phenomenal response from friends and relatives in Taiwan to his Weibo wedding announcement.

A-Do, whose real name is Do Cheng Yi, said his initial plan was to host a banquet in Singapore only, and later he thought about doing a wedding photoshoot and a banquet in Taiwan.

A-Do announced on Monday he was married with a Weibo post and a simple photo of a wedding ring. He said he didn’t use photos of himself and his wife because he thought he didn’t look trim enough, and he considered pixelating her image out of consideration for her.


Mrs A-Do, reportedly named Li, met the singer when he was still a construction foreman and she was in the family construction business, and they started dating before he went on to become a singer.

Those who have worked with A-Do in the entertainment circle said Li would always remember what everyone liked and would head to Taiwan to visit A-Do with suitcases packed with gifts for everybody. The companies that A-Do has collaborated with named Li “the most popular secret girlfriend of a singer.”

A-Do marries long-time girlfriend 

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