A-Mei and Jay Chou snubbed for Top 10 Awards

Jay Chou ignored the snub and A-Mei responded through her representative, “I’ll continue to work harder”

A-Mei and Jay Chou snubbed for Top 10 Awards

Taiwanese artistes A-Mei and Jay Chou, who are running for various accolades at this year’s Golden Melody Awards, both got snubbed for the Chinese Musicians’ Association Top 10 Awards this year.

When asked about how the two artistes felt about being overlooked, A-Mei’s representative responded, “I’ll continue to work harder,” but Jay has yet to give his response.

Apart from the shocking snubs, it was a rare sight to see both a father and his daughter be presented with awards at the same ceremony – Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Joanna Wang and her father, renowned music producer Wang Zhiping.

Joanna, who has a new album already in the works, also clinched the Top 10 award with her album Midnight Cinema. Her father, who was also present at the event, received a win as well for producing another Top 10 album on the list – Stefanie Sun’s 12th studio album Kepler.

Taiwanese and Hong Kong singers Waa Wei and Khalil Fong were awarded for the best albums of the year, while singer-songwriters Jacky Cheung and William Wei claimed their trophies for the best singles of the year.

Before Taiwanese Mandopop artiste Lala Hsu’s fourth Mandarin solo album Missing made the Top 10 Best Singles of 2014 list, she sang a duet with the Chairman of UFO Records (Taiwan) Co. Ltd, Wu Chuchu and expressed that she was very moved to be able to have the opportunity to do so.

The ceremony announcing the best albums and singles of 2014 was held on Saturday (June 6) at Taipei Arena and saw artistes including Eason Chan, Stefanie Sun, Khalil Fong and Karen Mok bagging awards for their work.

A-Mei and Jay Chou snubbed for Top 10 Awards

Here are the list of winners:

Top 10 Best Albums of 2014

Dangerous World by Khalil Fong

You Lovely Bastard by Waa Wei

Rise & Shine by Eason Chan

Missing by Lala Hsu

Da Ren Qing Ge by Eve Ai

Midnight Cinema by Joanna Wang

Kepler by Stefanie Sun

Li Ronghao by Li Ronghao

Sam Tsap Thong by Jacky Chen

Be There, or Be Square by Karen Mok


Top 10 Best Singles of 2014

‘Wolf’ by William Wei

Taipei Na Hui Long Wu Ren’ by Jacky Chen

Ni Gei Wo Ting Hao’ by Eason Chan

‘Missing’ by Lala Hsu

Shang Liu Wan Fa’ by Eve Ai

‘King of Comedy’ by Li Ronghao

‘It’s All Good’ by Karen Mok

‘PLAY’ by Jolin Tsai

‘The Rest of Time’ Jacky Cheung

‘Kepler’ by Stefanie Sun

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