A-Mei breaks down after receiving news of sister’s passing

The Taiwanese singer could not see her sister for the last time as she was preparing for her upcoming concert tour

A-Mei breaks down after receiving news of sister’s passing

Taiwanese Mandopop diva A-Mei had rushed back to her hometown in Taitung after receiving news that her sister had passed away on Tuesday (Mar 10).

The 42-year-old, who is currently preparing for her upcoming concert tour set to begin in April, reportedly broke into tears during her rehearsals on Tuesday as her second oldest sister had lost her battle with cancer.

A-Mei gathered her spirits and proceeded with rehearsals as she did not want her musicians to make a wasted trip to Taiwan. However, she cried repeatedly after singing a few lines as she was deeply saddened for not being able to see her 51-year-old sister before she passed on.

She is also said to have swiftly returned to Taitung to arrange for her sister’s funeral that night.

A-Mei’s manager commented that she has never seen the singer feeling so weak, attributing her hurt to the deep bond that A-Mei shares with her sister. It is known that the 42-year-old is born into a family of nine children and shares a close relationship with all of them.

As her second oldest sister had chosen to stay in Taitung to look after their family members, A-Mei is deeply thankful for her sacrifice and would frequently bring her on a vacation with her crew.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, A-Mei also took her under her care in Taipei and brought her to receive treatment at the hospital. However, her sister recently requested to return to Taitung to nurse her condition and A-Mei and her family were prepared for the worst.

While her sister’s condition saw an improvement during A-Mei’s visit last week, things took a turn for the worst and she passed away on Tuesday night.

A-Mei’s younger sister Saya mourned her sister’s death on Facebook: “I will learn to be as courageous as you so that I may live an interesting life. May you rest in peace and be by God’s side, where there is no sickness and pain.”

Meanwhile, A-Mei’s manager said despite the singer’s distraught state, she would ‘turn her sadness into strength’ and put up her best performance for her concerts at the Taipei Arena, so as not to disappoint her fans.

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