A “surprise” is in store for the audience at Jay Chou’s concert tour

The singer will not be revealing his abs though


Jay Chou will be releasing the ‘live’ DVD of his previous concert tour on May 10, which will showcase ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage for the first time, including shots of his 8-pack abs taken at rehearsals.

Before he became a diaper-changing father-of-one, Jay was formerly dubbed an eligible bachelor with enviable abs. The 37-year-old may be making  waves online for his chubbier figure today, but his abs will not become a thing of the past, says his record company, JVR Music.

“Jay is about to start practising for his latest concert tour, and will adjust his body condition accordingly so that it will be in tip-top condition,” JVR Music said. The singer will be putting on brand-new powerful performances, but will not be revealing his abs. Instead, there will be a ‘surprise’ in store for the audience, according to the record company.


Jay also recently released the MV for the title song of his newest album, ‘Aiyo, Not Bad’, which took around a year to complete. The first half was shot in Venice, Italy during the Carnival of Venice in 2014, while the second half was shot in 2015.

While in Venice, the singer filmed on a gondola boat and remembered that the boatman asked him “Where can I see the MV?” At that time, Jay replied that the boatman would be able to find the video online, only to have the music video completed and officially released this year, leaving Jay to wonder if the boatman thought that Jay was lying to him.

After finishing recording for his latest album, Jay travelled to America for a vacation, and will be releasing his latest album and embarking on his concert tour soon after.

The savvy businessman will also be opening his second restaurant Mr.J Diner, which will serve Western-Taiwanese fusion cuisine, in Shenzhen, China.

Photos: PBE Media

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