A-wei Chang’s legs still immobile 2 years after spinal surgery

Actor optimistic about recovery


Taiwanese actor, singer and television host A-wei Chang (or Chang Shan Wei), 40, has spent the past two years being unable to move the lower half of his body, but he has regained movement in his toes, his assistant said.

When the news broke that the actor was still putting effort into rehabilitation and therapy, it caught the attention of more than 100,000 netizens and fans.

In response, A-wei said on Wednesday: “I can see all the encouragement and support from everyone, I’m happy and touched, and I will work hard to recover.”

After undergoing emergency spinal surgery in November 2013 to remove blood clots pressing against his spinal nerves, A-wei lost control over his legs. He was discharged from hospital nine months after the operation.

In 2014, he posted on Facebook that even moving his toes was extremely difficult.

Many of A-wei’s friends have wanted to visit him, but because he didn’t wish to be disturbed he shut himself away.

His assistant said he would visit the actor in a day or two and said, “A-wei is touched by everyone’s concern for him, but he needs to recover in peace, so for the time being he won’t be receiving visitors.” 

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