Aaron Kwok: A flash marriage? I’ll leave it up to fate

The Heavenly King was bombarded by the press at his first event after confirming his relationship

Aaron Kwok: A flash marriage? I’ll leave it up to fate

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Aaron Kwok sent shockwaves around the world when he confirmed his relationship with 27-year-old Chinese model Moka Fang on Dec 1. Appearing at his first public event after confirming the news, the Heavenly King was bombarded by the press with questions on the new woman in his life.

The 50-year-old clarified that contrary to some reports that claim that they have been together for over a year, the two have only just started dating and that they met during a dinner with mutual friends.

Aaron shared, “I’ve always been low-profile when it comes to relationships so I hope to try a new way of living by changing the way my partner and I understand things. Most importantly, I hope to receive the public’s blessings and understanding; as for what happens in future, I really don’t know.”

Aaron Kwok: A flash marriage? I’ll leave it up to fate

Continuing, he mused, “I haven’t dated in a while and I won’t reject destiny when it comes knocking on my door; neither will I force things that aren’t meant to be. I’ve been given a chance and I’m living through it right now. In the past, I might have avoided making things public but doing so is changing the way I’m living my life. Being together with someone is a happy thing so there’s no need to avoid anyone. Everyone has their past and I won’t pick on what’s already happened.”

When asked if Moka has met his mother, he replied, “That’s the next step. I believe my mom reads the papers and that she’ll be happy to read (about the news).” He also said that he will not rule out a flash marriage, declaring that he will “leave it up to fate”.

He has been linked with numerous females after his high-profile breakup from longtime girlfriend Lynn Hung two years ago but this is the first time he has personally confirmed a relationship since then. While some fans have criticised Aaron for his choice of partner, Lynn declared that she has given him her blessings on his new relationship.

The 35-year-old split from Aaron in 2013 and he once said in a post-breakup interview, “Your feet will often feel uncomfortable if the shoes you’re wearing don’t suit you. You’d want to switch to another pair of shoes – it’s the same for the person beside you, I just want to find someone who suits me and not end up bleeding if I force on something that’s not for me.”

Aaron Kwok: A flash marriage? I’ll leave it up to fate

Lynn found her Mr. Right in Kwok Ho Chung, younger brother of Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok last December and the couple is rumoured to be travelling to Okinawa, Japan during the festive season for a private wedding. This has been denied by her manager.

Lynn updated her Weibo yesterday with pictures of her and her beau in matching shoes with the caption, “Happiness is right beside me; thank you everyone”. 

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