Aaron Kwok confirms he’s dating via Weibo

Singer seeing 27-year-old model from Shanghai

Aaron Kwok 1

Hong Kong singer Aaron Kwok, 50, finally admitted he’s in a relationship - not with Lynn Hung, but with another Chinese model, 27-year-old Moka Fang (or Fang Yuan) from Shanghai.

The Heavenly King posted a photo of a pair of clasped hands on his Weibo account last night, with the caption, “Have to drive a bit slower this way.” The caption tagged a Weibo user with the handle MK_fy, whom Hong Kong’s Apple Daily identified as Moka.

After midnight, Moka shared Aaron’s post, and replied, “Yeah! Drive slowly.”

Aaron Kwok 2

The pair have been rumoured to be dating for some time, when Aaron was revealed to be using Instagram to get acquainted with models. At that time, Moka insisted she was just friends with the singer.

After Aaron posted the telling photo on Weibo, his manager said, “There should be some good news, he’ll be attending an event tomorrow so please look forward to his announcing the news personally.”

And when asked whether that statement amounted to an admission that Aaron was off the market, his manager replied, “Being in love is normal, and we should be happy for him.”

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