Aaron Kwok gives his blessings to Lynn Hung

The Hong Kong superstar offered well wishes to his ex-girlfriend 

Aaron Kwok gives his blessings to Lynn Hung
After his high-profile break-up with Lynn Hung two years ago, Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok has been plagued by scandals involving young models. Responding to recent rumours about his suggestive text exchanges with a rookie model, the superstar emphasised that he has made clarifications on Weibo and will not comment on this issue any further.

“It will become a drama serial if I continue responding [to the reports]. I have already forgiven those who hurt me,” Aaron said at an event on Sunday.

“I won’t look into this anymore. Everyone knows what I am like. Having experienced the ups and downs of showbiz, the most important thing is to be myself,” the 49-year-old added.

When asked if he would continue to “follow” his juniors on social media, Aaron pointed out that there are “a lot of false content in the reports which have insulted him greatly”, while expressing his wish to be respected.

In December, Lynn revealed that she has found her Mr. Right who turned out to be Kwok Ho Chung, younger brother of Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok. While speaking to the media, Aaron gave his blessings to his ex-girlfriend. “I’d offer my well wishes to everyone who is happy,” he said.

Aaron, whose priority is on his career at the moment, also declared that he is still single. A believer in fate, the Cold War star hopes to meet someone who “loves and understands him very much” to set up a blissful family in future. 

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