Aaron Kwok reportedly trying to quit smoking

Singer may be working on having a child

Aaron Kwok, Moka Fang

Hong Kong singer and actor Aaron Kwok, 50, is reportedly trying to quit his long-time smoking habit, with observers speculating he’s doing so to prepare for having a child.

During his 50th birthday celebration in October, the eligible bachelor said he hoped to settle down and start a family as soon as he could.

While some Internet users were concerned that Aaron might be too old to become a father, others pointed to fellow Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Lau, who welcomed his daughter, Hanna, when he was 50.

Aaron officially announced his romance with Shanghai model Moka Fang, 27, on December 1.

Since he started dating Moka, the Heavenly King appears to have changed his behaviour: He is known for avoiding mixing with strangers, but on a recent trip to Shanghai to visit his girlfriend, Aaron and Moka hit a nightclub with her model friends.

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