Aaron Kwok spends night at hotel with girlfriend

The Heavenly King surprised many with his announcement that he was dating a Chinese model 23 years his junior

Aaron Kwok spends night at hotel with girlfriend

Aaron Kwok surprised many with his announcement earlier this month that he is dating 27-year-old model Moka Fang. Unsurprisingly, the 50-year-old was bombarded with questions on his new relationship at subsequent press events, leading him to declare that he will no longer discuss his love life at public appearances.

The couple raised eyebrows for having a 23-year age gap between them but that has not deterred them from going on dates. On December 21, he was spotted in a casual outfit waiting for his new squeeze, linking arms and looking very much like a man in love once Moka emerged at their meeting place.

Aaron Kwok spends night at hotel with girlfriend

While dining at a restaurant, he was spotted asking Moka to check his teeth – presumably for any food stains – putting aside his image as an untouchable Heavenly King.

Heading to a café after dinner, Moka whipped out her cellphone to indulge in selfies, with Aaron gamely joining in on the fun. Posing for the cameras, they were seen with their lips puckered but drew the line at locking lips in public.

The rest of their date night was spent at the movies, eating supper and roaming the streets until 3 a.m., following which the couple entered a hotel together, where they spent the night. Moka left the hotel on her own the next morning while donning shades and hailed a cab to head back home.

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