Aaron Kwok won’t discuss his love life anymore

Actor saddened by fans’ negative response to his dating model Moka Fang

Aaron Kwok, Moka Fang

Hong Kong actor and singer Aaron Kwok, 50, said he’ll avoid discussing his love life again while making public appearances, after fans reacted badly to his announcements on Weibo that he’s dating Shanghainese model Moka Fang (or Fang Yuan), 27.

He said “I’m sorry, my apologies, but please give me some personal space when it comes to my love life” would be how he’ll respond when he’s asked about his private life in future.

At a media event to promote his new movie The Brave One yesterday, Aaron said, “I was using a different means to share the news with everyone. I just want to be in a relationship, the same as anyone else.”

“I’m not a showy person, and I particularly dislike talking about my private life at public appearances for work. I was just looking to change the way I live, so that I can go out for dinner and a movie with my beloved, and do what regular people do, that’s all.”

Regarding the negative response from fans to his two Weibo posts in which Moka is tagged, Aaron said, “I posted about us just twice, and it’s not like I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

“To me, two posts are more than enough, so I don’t understand why so many people are this angry or why there’s so much negativity directed at me.”

And on the rumours that Moka had not broken up with her previous boyfriend when she started dating Aaron, the actor declined to comment and instead emphasised he was happy.

Aaron confirmed through Weibo on December 1 that he was dating Moka.

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