Aaron Kwok won’t rule out flash marriage

Still focused on his career for now, singer reckons he’ll settle down in “a few years’ time, possibly three”

Aaron Kwok

Hong Kong singer, actor and dancer Aaron Kwok says he hopes to settle down and start a family because he likes children, but he’s busy with work lately because he’s ambitious.

“If I can achieve my goals and receive approval from everyone, that will be the time to settle down,” the 49-year-old said. “It’ll take a few years’ time, possibly three. But if I meet someone soon, I won’t rule out a flash marriage, and I hope I shall have everyone’s blessings.”

Aaron was speaking at Tuesday’s press conference to announce his solo concert at the new Studio City Macau. He was spotted wearing a ring on his ring finger and when the media asked if he was married, he explained it was just an accessory.

Hong Kong media reports Aaron will be the first singer to hold a concert at the movie-themed leisure resort, which will be opened officially on October 27.

The Para Para Sakura singer showed off some dance moves at the press event, and talked about setting up a standing area for the concert so that he could interact with his fans better. “I’ve never had a standing area for my solo concerts before,” he said. “But for this concert, we’re designing the stage specially for this venue because its facilities can handle it.”

Will Aaron invite any fans onstage? Maybe. The singer said he’s always wanted to do that, but for concerts held in UK, the US and other international locations it’s not allowed. However, since he’s intending to be unconventional for this concert, there’s every chance he will.

The Heavenly King is not afraid of fans getting too frenzied during the show, he said. “During the concert there will be staff handling unexpected incidents, and my concert will include a handshaking segment,” he explained. “It has happened that fans won’t let go of me and even pull me away, but there will be security during the concert to protect me, and I hope everyone will take care of me and not scratch me.”

He added he’s not afraid of being hurt by fans who grab onto him and don’t let go, but he fears they will be injured instead. He said, “If fans refuse to let go, security personnel will separate us, but my arms are very accustomed to getting scratched.”

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