Aaron Yan shows his support for good friend Tia Li

The singer-actor also encouraged Tia and shared her interview article on his Facebook


Dream Girls member Tia Li recently released a new song, where she sung about being jilted in love, and being unable to part from the other party despite getting hurt. In an interview with the Taiwanese media, the Taiwanese singer-actress revealed that after a break-up, she will look to try something new, be it travelling to a new country, or doing something that she has never done before. As a result, the 31-year-old is known as someone who is very strong emotionally amongst her friends.

Yesterday, Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan shared Tia’s interview on Facebook, and left a message encouraging her: “Don’t force yourself [to put on a happy front] too much, you’ll make those around you worry. Cheer up!”.

Aaron and Tia first met when they were both starring in the drama Fall In Love With Me, and eventually became good friends who’ll often meet each other for meals. The duo are so close that they once held hands while appearing at a promotional event as well. Additionally, Aaron has also helped to promote Tia’s new album, and even left a message to encourage the singer-actress, saying, “I’ll always be by your side, my dearest friend,” proving the duo’s friendship.

Tia was also previously rumoured to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, though the two have continuously maintained that they are just “good friends”. Recently, Kai was also spotted with his arm around casino heiress Laurinda Ho.

Photo: PBE Media

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