Actress hints at cover-up in suspected affair with David Tao

Carina Chen thanks friends for ‘putting on an act’ with her

David, Carina 1

Carina Chen, one of the two women Taiwanese-American Mandopop singer David Tao was romantically linked with recently, has posted a Facebook message and photo that hint at a cover-up in her real relationship with him.

“All the world’s a stage,” she wrote on Wednesday. “Thank you to all the good friends who put on an act with me.” The accompanying photo, of a pair of clasped hands, was the same one she had posted in July to deny she was seeing David in secret.

David, Carina 2

In June David, 46. admitted to cheating on his wife, Penny Jiang, with one of his ex-girlfriends, Yang Ziqing. Afterwards, he was spotted returning home in the same car as Carina, which led to rumours that he was involved in a second affair.

The actress insisted she was just friends with David, and even claimed it had been her twin sister seen in the car with him and not her. She posted the photo in question to suggest she already had a boyfriend, along with the message, “Those who believe me don’t need any explanation from me, and I won’t bother explaining myself to those who don’t believe me.”

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