Ada Choi not affected by Pudong airport blast

The actress was on the plane when the blast happened at Shanghai’s airport


Hong Kong actress Ada Choi recently made an appearance at a film festival in Shanghai, China, to promote her newest movie, S Storm. On Sunday, the actress made her way back to Hong Kong, and was at Shanghai’s Pudong International airport when a homemade bomb was set off by a man, injuring four civilians.

Later, Ada accepted a phone interview with the media, where she reassured every one that she was safe.

“When the bomb went off, I had already gone past the immigration counters, and was quite far away from it. Thus, I wasn’t frightened by the blast, but am very worried that other innocent travellers might have gotten hurt by it,” the actress said.

Ada’s husband, Chinese actor Max Zhang later went on Weibo to address his wife, posting, “Ada Choi, you must come back safely,” showing his worry for her. Later, Ada also posted on Weibo to reassure everyone that she was safe, with, “I’m fine! I will come back safely, [so] wait for me!”

Additionally, Hong Kong singer-actor Julian Cheung was also at the airport when the blast went off at the check-in counters. Luckily, he had checked-in ahead of time, and was already at the departure area like Ada, and was not affected by the blast.

Photos: PBE Media 

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