Adam Cheng was clueless about Joyce Cheng’s financial difficulties

The 68-year-old was not aware that his daughter Joyce Cheng has yet to inherit her late mother Lydia Sum’s inheritance

Adam Cheng was clueless about Joyce Cheng’s financial difficulties

Hong Kong veteran actor Adam Cheng expressed his remorse for not knowing about his daughter Joyce Cheng’s financial struggles.

In an interview with Hong Kong media in January, Joyce revealed that she had once struggled with only HK$26 (approximately S$4.50) in her bank account as her late mother restricted her from inheriting the full pool of inheritance before she turned 35.

When asked if he had known of his daughter’s troubles recently, Adam exclaimed that he was completely unaware of Joyce’s situation. He added painstakingly, “Why didn’t she approach me (for help)?”

On the other hand, Adam was recently rumoured to be a hen-pecked husband as his assets are under his second wife’s control. In 1988, the 68-year-old had divorced Lydia, when Joyce was only eight months old. In the next year, he swiftly remarried with actress Koon Jing-wah and they have two daughters.

The 68-year-old, who had begun his acting career in the 1970s, has reportedly earned a total of HK$500 million (approximately S$85 million) from his investments over the years. However, apart from several estates that are jointly owned by Jing-wah and him, the rest of Adam’s inheritance is said to be under the care of the former.

Speculations claim that Adam could have felt sorry that Jing-wah needed to shoulder the bad reputation of being a third-party, hence making it up to her by acceding to her requests and allowing her to be in charge of his finances.

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